Photos/Graphics are quick!

Photo’s and Graphic Images in general appear to display very quickly on WD TV Live!

They appear quicker than on most BR/DVD players!  I tend to need to display images for

educational/instructional purposes, and this little box will make that much easier!

User interface is easy to navigate! I just need to verify image formats it supports.

One obvious criticism however, there is no message or indication once reaching LAST image in a folder. It would be very useful to know that you are on the last image, and wrap-around to beginning would also work for me : -)

Very nice user interface. If only Manual were included and you didn’t have to depend on internet to fetch a PDF outside and away from what you already purchased in the box!

Proper procedure for disengaging and unplugging an SD Card isn’t necessarily as intuitive.

Excellent being able to play youtube flv’s on WD! There are so many flv-variants now, it’s hard

to keep up!

and as already stated: finding that Dolby 5.1 works perfectly with Netflix (and so far only Netflix) makes this $100.00 investment worthwhile! Let’s hope my WD player continues to perform this well 3 months from now…  now where is Amazon Instant? When is that going to be added?  ; -)



Thanks for sharing your experience with the device.

User interface is easy to navigate! I just need to verify image formats it supports.


  • JPEG only supports compressed RGB format files. BMP only supports uncompressed files. TIFF only supports single layer files. BMP, TIFF/TIF, PNG, and GIF have a max resolution of 2048x2048. JPEG/JPG has a max resolution of 4096x4096 unless it is in a progressive format, then maxes out at 1280x720.

now where is Amazon Instant? At the moment, we dont have any information as to when we will have that service available on our media player.