Photos appear way too small, file size is compressed how to fix?

Just got my MyCloud EX4 to back up my photos.  Transfers files fine, a little slow, but I’m not looking for speed, just looking for a stable backup.  I’m on Windows 8.1.  When I open up the WDMyCloudEX4 location under Network Locations, then go to Photos, then go to By Date.  I really like that it sorts it for me by date, but whenever I click on a particular file, it’s tiny and a compressed image.  For instance one particular file that I transferred over is 5.37MB but when I navigate (Network Locations -> Photos -> By Date), it only displays the image as being 8.22kb. 

Is there a way to view the full size files?  That way I don’t have to manually go searching through all the various folders that I transferred but by the date.  Thanks. 

Maybe you should try contacting support about this issue.