Photo zoom in ,multi user and password lock problem

I just buy a new my cloud home,
I face to three problem now,

  1. When I using the my cloud home iOS app and try to zoom in a photo, the top and bottom area cannot be shown in the screen properly. Even I move the photo and try to show the bottom(or the top), the photo will go back to the original area.
  2. I am the owner of the my cloud home, and I invited some one to be another user. So is it possible to know that how many storage were used by that user, and can I set a storage limite of each user?
  3. I set the password lock in my cloud home app, but the password lock function will be turn off automatically. Is it my phone problem only?
    Thanks for help.

What is the source of the pictures you are viewing? What orientation are you holding the phone. I do not see any issue with zooming in on pictures taken on an iPhone 7 in either portrait or landscape view.

No there is currently no way to see or limit how much capacity a user can or has used.

Thank you for your reply.
I just upload a screen capture by my iphone8 (iOS 11.2.6, my cloud home 2.0.1)
I cannot move to bottom/top of screen cap without rotate my phone.
If I use landscape mode to see the original screen cap(the uploaded one), I can see the bottom of the photo even I zoom in.
But when I rotate the screen cap 90’ clockwise, and upload it. It is successful to see the whole picture even I zoom it in and without rotate the iPhone. But in this time if I use the landscape mode, I cannot move to the left/right edge.