Photo Slideshow Help

I want to play my photos in a slideshow so I can only see images of travel and sports and family events. I don’t want to mix them all together in the slideshow.

So, can I arrange these folders and then load them into the ‘Photos’ area or  is this the Default Storage area for ALL photos and I can’t have ‘sub-Photo-directories’?

To do this right now I have to go into Files and then wade thru a lot of music to find the labelled Photos folders and then play them as a slide show.

Is  there a more ditrect way to do this under Photos?

What application are you using, WDphotos or WD2go? 

WD Photos.

I reloaded the App and it’s been working perfectly with all files being loaded into Photos.

But I want to organise these with a Sub-Menu so the travel photos can be displayed (with some music underneath from my music files).

The Files area is working but it takes a bit of ‘navigation’ to find the photos Folders.