Photo Slideshow does not work


I got a problem with my WD Live TV.

The photo slideshow does not work. It takes 1-2 minutes until the next phot appears, even the time-lag is set to 3 or 5 seconds. During this 1-2 minutes it is not possible to skip to the next picture or go “home” with the “home” button.

I got the suspicion that the HDD is working all the time heavily. Media Libary indexation is turned off.

I got the Firmware 1.01.24

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

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I have found that WMP format photo slideshows (.WPL) work well with the HD TV Live.  I connect to a Media Server over the network and playback is perfect.  All of my photos are .JPG PP’d within PhotoShop.

@Yemble: That sounds good for you, but doesn’t really solve my problem. I do not have a media server. I just got a WD my book essential linked with usb. But yesterday I changed the hdd against my 2gb usb stick and I still got the same problems with the slideshow. So I think there has to be a defect in the wd tv live box. What do you think?

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What format are the pictures in and how large is the directory where the photos are stored? I ask because I have noticed that when I select a folder with lots of photos it takes logner to start. I am not sure if the machine has to “secretly” look at them first or buffer them. Also I had big issues with photos I had modded in photoshiop elements and saves in jpg progressive format.

The pictures are jpeg format and 2 to 5 mb large, they are not modded in photoshop etc. they are right out of the cam. The directorys contain between 10 and 200 fotos. But the slideshow is slow no matter how many photos are in the folder. 

Odd, as slide shows work fine once they start. I had a delay on the startup within large folders.

Are you running the pre-release firmware as this seemed to have improved slide show performace for me.

Also what size are the jpegs and what is their saving method, baseine or progressive?

I presume videos play fine for you with no obvious delays/

I am runnig the newest firmware 1.01.24. The jpegs are between 2mb and 5mb.

I don’t know what theis saving method is. I just copied them from my camera to my hdd.

Videos plays fine, I just got the problem with the slideshow.

Can you open the individual photo via the WD?

I know we say this all the time but have you reset the unit via the side button and recycled the power. It may be that the WDTV has become ‘confused’ by one of the photos etc and needs to ‘forget’ it.

Hi Herber - I have the same problem with my WD: photos in jpeg, 2-5MB, firmware 1.01.24. The photo slideshow (and even else the thumbnail generation) is very, very slow. The jpg files are saved directly from the PC/Nikkon.

The slideshow has been worked perfectly fine since the last firmware update.

Video runs fine.

Did you heard about the solution?

Thanks in advance.