Photo corruption

I have a small collection of photos I’ve taken and I keep them on the MyBookLive.  But now when I view some of them, the bottom of the photo is gray, and there are some chunks of the photo in the wrong places.  Has anyone else had this problem?

It sounds like the images may be getting corrupted durring transfer. Have you checked the SMART status on the drive? Does this occur if you take the unit to another network (it could be caused by an issue with a cable or your router)?

Aaardvark is on the right track, but I wouldn’t focus tooo much on the network.   The MyBook Live uses ONLY the SMB protocol, which is TCP-based.   There’s no possibility for undetected data corruption in the network.   If it’s getting corrupted, it’s BEFORE or AFTER the My Book Live, not somewhere in the middle. 

How would one go about troubleshooting this? I have the same problem (only it’s not just pictures that get corrupted). The drive passes the SMART test.

What else is getting corrupted?

So far I’ve tried photos, music, a PDF, and an executable.  Text files seem to be OK.  The user manuals & other files put on the drive at the factory all seem to be OK.

I don’t know how one would troubleshoot this.   

I haven’t found anything that’s corrupted, but all I’ve put on mine is MP3s so far…