Photo Backup

Hi i have just purchased a Mycloud PR4100 but using the mycloud app i can’t find a way to backup photos to monthly folders.
i can get it to dump all photo’s in to a folder with no organisation at all on my synology it organised them monthly or even weekly if needed.

Have you posted this same topic here?

Have you visited the Learning Center to read more on the PR4100?

Yes i did and didnt get a reply so thought i would try in the software area.

You cannot do this easily. What I do after I initially uploaded my photos/videos from phone into the default folder was to use basic disk management skills to make folders; I wanted; folders for photos and videos on the NAS and moved the correct files to the new folders – folders for my wife’s and folders for my media. You want them by month, so you need to create folders for month.year.

Once all data is moved from the default upload folder, the next time you need to do this, photos and videos must be selected so that only the newest ones get uploaded (and the previously uploaded ones are ignored).

Yes, can be tedious, but that’s life.

Thanks for the reply mike thought they would be a much easier way than that.
I’ll just uoload my photo’s to google drive then and download monthly from there just keep the nas for plex.