Photo Backup Behavior

I have a PR4100 running firmware version 5.13.115. Recently I have downloaded the My Cloud app to my iPhone and have begin using it to backup photos from my phone directly to my NAS. All seems to be working well, though the behavior is not exactly what I expected.

Before doing this I was using the Dropbox app to pull my photos off my phone. Every week or so I would sit at my computer and go through those pictures, deleting the rejects and organizing the keepers. When I threw my wife’s pictures into the mix this was a bigger deal because she takes more pictures than I do and she takes a lot of screenshots of things to serve as reminders of things she wants to remember. The workflow I had with Dropbox was good for this because after the initial upload of all pictures in the phone’s photo album it only uploaded the newly added pictures after that.

So I’m migrating to the My Cloud app with the expectation that the app should work the same way. I was very surprised when I cleaned out the folder on the NAS where all the initial photos from my phone landed only to have to completely refilled with all the pictures on my phone all over again! I went through most of those once. I don’t want to go through them a second time! I also don’t want to manually select pictures from my phone to backup on my NAS.

Am I not understanding something here? Have I set something up wrong? Is this working as it should? If so, how do I put in a feature request of “new pictures since last upload?”

The My Cloud OS 5 mobile app functions like a sync operation. Removed content from the auto-backup folder on the My Cloud will be added again if the same content still exists on the mobile device. However, deleted content on the mobile device does not delete the file from the My Cloud device.
For more detailed information, please review My Cloud OS 5: Mobile App Auto Backups