Photo Albums Sorting Basics

WD seems to make a big deal about their ability to store all your photos and make albums etc, but I find it way too basic.

When I create albums, why can I not change the order of them, they always stay in the order they were created and can never be sorted, why?

Within the albums there is no way to sort the photos, the oldest photo’s always remain at the top and newest at the bottom. I have thousands of photos and I don’t want to scroll through a thousand photos to see the most recent. Why?

Why can you not create sub-albums, like I want to create a Christmas Album that has all the different years in separate albums within it. Why can I not do this?

These seem like very basic things that all other photo programs have, is WD going to improve this?


I’ve just upgraded to OS5 firmware version 5.19.117 and agree that sorting within albums remains less than basic, for there’s no option to sort alphabetically by Name (ascending & descending).

The only two options are by date created and date added. However, the former seems unable to recognize the date taken from the EXIF, and the photos are shown out of sequence (unlike in my Windows 10 folders). I’ve always prefixed my image folders with the year-month-date (e.g., 2021-05-22), and my photos with the sequence number (e.g., 015), which allows me to circumvent such problems with the EXIF timestamp not being recognized. Sorting these prefixes by name ends up showing them in the correct time sequence also.

I request WD to add sorting by Name in the next firmware version.