Phone MS Lumia 950XL is not working WD 2go app

WD 2go installed the application, your device found in WDMyCloud, enter into it, I see the folder, but when you try to open an error, and a the message unknown error,
please tell me how with this phone, you can access your storage

From all the complaints I see at this forum, I do not believe WD apps are made for Microsoft phones. So, If correct, you need to find and install a MS phone app that can access external media servers and/or shared drives (i.e. The My Cloud) If you want to access media and files on your My Cloud.

The WD2Go Windows Phone app stopped working properly when WD released the OS3 firmware for My Cloud devices. Currently, I don’t believe WD has indicated if they will ever fix the WD2Go Windows Phone app. Try using the device’s web browser and access the web portal.

Feel fee to voice your complaint about the Windows Phone app no longer working in the following Cloud Ideas thread.


You need to call support and tell them to stop busht.t us and release windows app.
I will call them every moth!
Here on forum we will not get any help.

this is a copy of email:
Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support. My name is Mallet.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Based o the issue that you are currently experiencing with the Network drive in quest while trying access it with Windows phone, unfortunately the WD2go for Windows was been discontinued and listed as legacy app. Therefore, we no longer update this app and we do not guarantee that you will be able to use it to remotely access you drive.

WD has indicated they won’t be releasing a replacement for Windows phones. So far don’t recall if they’ve indicated they are working on a replacement app. A wild guess would be they (WD) have decided that it isn’t worth the expensive (and development time) to create an app for Windows phones which, at best, account (if this link is accurate) for only 3.5% (probably an optimistic figure) of the world wide smartphone OS market.

Yet, I’d be pleased like all of you, who already had expressed their opinion for support of Windows Phone by WD 2go. I’ve also have been using it succesfully for the last 1,5 years until the latest OS3 update.
For me its a great regret that I’ve lost access to MyCloud from my Lumia 735. Please, return back support for Windows Phone 8.1 and 10.
There is no notification in Windows Store that WD 2go is not supported (at least in my country - Russia). You can download it and install. But than you can see an error connecting to MyCloud.
Though the internal hardware of MyCloud detects my Lumia as connected device.