PGS subs in MKV now working with 1.07?

Hi all,

do PGS subtitles now work porperly in MKV files?? WD promised that for 1.06, but they messed up and only *zlib-compressed* PGS subs were supported. Which is a joke really.

Has this been fixed now with firmware 1.07? Are normal uncompressed PGS subtitles displayed properly in MKV files? This can be checkd with MakeMKV, which produces MKV files with PGS subs. 

Hi, you can convert the PGS subs to SRT.

Nope, it still hasn’t been fixed. Neither have animated (fade in/fade out) PGS subs. If it’s any consolation, MakeMKV’s Mike still hasn’t implemented compressed subs either despite claiming they were an easy fix.

Still not fixed?? Shame on you WD!!

I kind of understand MakeMKV’s Mike for not adding compressed PGS support right away. Why potentially break compatability of his own product just because he has to compensate for WD’s errors?

Uncompressed PGS subs are a industry standard. That’s how they are found on all Blu-ray disks out there. I know that MKVToolnix/MMG recently added an compressed switch for that, but still the uncompressed ones are the norm.

WD should get their sh*t together and fix their firmware!