Personal NAS Drive Replacement

I purchased a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo for personal use 9 years ago. Has been great up until this year. Finally died. Took the drive to BestBuy and they said it was dead. Looking to recover the data (at a reasonable cost - lots of pictures and documents I should have copied to another drive for additional backup). Any suggestions? SALVAGEDATA was suggested.

Also, looking to replace the WD drive that was in the NAS. It was a 2.0 TB, WD20EARS 00MVWB0 SATA 64MB cache drive. Looking for a 4-8 TB replacement. Could even go with a USB drive too I guess. Any suggestions. Looking to get a replacement internal drive, slide it into the slot in the NAS (there are 2 slots) and power it up. Any suggestions?

I would appreciate any suggestions and help.

Be safe. Be well.