Persist credentials between reboots

I don’t know if this has been mentioned before but I couldn’t find it using search. Whenever I restart my laptop I have to provide my credentials to access the NAS again even with the remember checkbox checked. 

I’m sure other people have experienced this before and I was wondering of a solution. I am running Windows 8.1 x64. 

Just to note when I login I provide a username such as \Username prefixed with a \ to prevent using my computer name.


In my instance I didn’t have to remove all records or unmap any drives just remove th existing NAS credential settings and adding them back in.

Had similar problems with Windows 7 and here how it was solved:

You have to use the credential manager in Windows:

Unmap all drive if you have any mapped


  1. control Panel

  2. User accounts

  3. Choose credential manager

  4. Write down what is there (devices etc), usernames, passwords

  5. delete them all

  6. recreate them with the correct user name and passwords

  7. Save.


When you re-map do NOT click the “use different username” link, simply press “Finish”.

Windows 8.1 has similar features.

It never asked me again.


I totally didn’t know about this credentials manager. 

Solved it by removing the record for my NAS and adding it back in. For some reason it had the username wrong and mapped to my machine user machine/username and not username so correcting this and bam it all works.

Cheers for the heads up about the credential manager!

you are welcome. Please mark it as solved so others can benefit :slight_smile: