Permissions to open files

I have 2 PC’s that run independently. Each has it’s own My Passport. I wanted to move some files from one PC to the other. I plugged the one of the Passports into the other PC. I was able to move the files from one PC to the other. However, when I try to open the files I get a notice saying that I do not have permissions to open the file. Any suggestions?

How did you copy your files into your WD My Passport devices?

The Passport(1) was connected via USB to PC(1). Files backup automatically. I then plugged Passport(1), via USB, into PC(2) and used the ‘Retrieve’ function to copy about a 100 files(JPEG) onto PC(2). Those are the files that are having the permission issues.Hope that answers your question.

That explains the problem.

If you are moving files quickly across computer then using the automatic backup software is not the preferred method. The automatic backup software is designed to restore files into the same computer, and copies access permissions. Restoring files into a different computer may require you to manually change permissions in order to access the backup’s content.

Manual copy & paste is recommended for moving files across systems.