Permissions on drive not converting over to new OSX profile

A couple of weeks ago a software upgrade screwed up my Mac profile, the only fix was to completely rebuild a new profile. Unfortunately the permissions are not transferring over for the WD External Hard Drive for Mac (formatted Mac OS Extended - Journaled). I’ve added the new profile as a user on the drive, given it read and write privileges and tried “apply to enclosed items” both from the old OSX profile and new one, but it’s not updating all the internal files and folders, which means that some are inaccessible, other folders appear empty when they’re not etc. I’ve used Disk Utilities to no avail either. I really need to be able to access this drive and the content on it fully. Any help much appreciated.

Hello ClaireBrummell,

It seems that this is a system specific issue and would be best to contact Apple Support in this concern.

However, you can try connecting the drive to different Mac to find out whether the OSX profile issue is limited to your Mac or with other Mac computer on which you are trying to access the files stored in the drive.

In my case, my WD My Passport for Mac drive was working fine on my friend’s Mac when I came across the profile permission issues and after a bit research on the web, I followed the Apple Community answers and tried various steps but issue was still not resolved. Apple Support helped me to resolve the issue by modifying some settings by getting in the “Go > Home” in Finder menu a long time before.

If the drive has booted and its on your desktop, right click the drive and click get info. At the bottom of the Info page you will see sharing and permissions, make sure your home and system are both read and write.
If they are not right click on the lock and open it then change the permissions make sure you click the gear with the down arrow and apply to enclosed items.

Take Care,