Permissions issues on my Mac

Dear all,

I’m running OS Mojave 10.14.1 and WDMyCloud firmware 2.30.165.

I am able to access the dashboard via wdmycloud.local via admin, and am able to mount the drive on my mac to browse the folders via the ‘guest’ smb route.

My issue is, I am unable to change the file names on any of my files. It brings up a prompt box for a password to make any changes. I then give it my username (admin) and password and then it says that I do not have permission. If I give it the wrong password then it does not go any further, then prompt just remains.

So, this makes me think that there is something wrong with my admin account permissions. However there is nowhere on the dashboard to change them. There are two users and both users have read and write access to all files - however the share access is greyed out for both users (admin and standard user) and cannot be edited - perhaps another clue?

Any thoughts on why this might be happening or have I could sort it out would be very useful as I’m not getting any further on my own.

P.S. I can sign in to and remotely manage files through my browser, just not mounted on my mac.

Thanks in advance!