Permissions Design Flaws

From UI I can’t create a subfolder, or a share under an existing share. So I can’t create a

directory structure like so:




Where UserA has write permissions only on directory UserA

and UserB has write permissions only on directory UserB

From Windows Explorer, I can’t create the Backups directory under the root

I can create Backup as a share from Web UI and assign write permissions

for UserA and UserB. From Windows Explorer,  I can create UserA and UserB

directories under Backup, but I can’t assign appropriate User permissions regardless

of how I’m logged into the MBL.

I can probably do what I want going directly via Linux on the box, but obviously the

designers/engineers didn’t have their thinking caps properly in place when they released

this product. The current scheme is unusable and unacceptible.

Whoa.   Several of the points you’ve made in other posts are good points.

But this one?  Not so much.

That’s not a “Design Flaw.”  It might be a limitation of how you want it to work, but it’s not a “flaw.”

In fact, no NAS I’ve ever seen allows the creation of “Shares” under “Shares.”

Only the higher-order NAS’s like DROBO or QNAP allow Access-List controlled granular folder/file permissions via Access-Lists.   These are entry-level boxes.   Once you subtract the retail price of the drives, the “enclosure” is only about $80.  Most NASs that do anything close to what you want are $200-300 before the cost of drives.