Permissions affecting file sync?

I have a file sync program which is set up to copy files FROM my MBL to a PC. It should kick in when a file change is detected. BUT, it only works when the file that changes is in the ROOT, not a sub-folder.

I wondered if this is a permissions problem (looking at permissions for folders on MBL through Windows Explorers, I can’t change them).

This syncing used to work perfectly when the external drive was an old USB-attached drive.

Any similar experiences or ideas?

It might be a limitation of the sync program with network drives.

I’ve heard back for the sync app. company - apparently file changes on the My Book Live can’t be detected by their (Windows) app. because the drive is running Linux.

Don’t know if Linux can be programmed to present this info to Windows … perhaps the answer is for WD to provide a fully featured backup/syn app. instead of the poor SmartWare offering.

It means I can only do timed syncs FROM the MBL to aother device, not the file change ones I’d like.

Hmmm…  If I have a window open to a directory on the MyBook Live and I send files from to that same directory then on the PC the files to show-up without a manual reset so the Samba service is monitoring for changes and sends the information about the changes to the PC.

You wrote that Linux does not communucate file system changes.  Windows does all the changes through the Samba service running on the MyBook Live.

There’s something obviously not being communicated as both the apps I’ve got (ViceVersa and SyncBack) pick up the changes on all internal and external (USB attached) drives … but not the MBL on the network.

And they both said the same thing about NAS drives being problematic with monitoring file changes.

Wonder if WD have anything to add?