Permission denied on restored files

I just had to restore all my files from my WD Essnential after a HD replacement on my PC.  THe retrieve went fine; however, the computer will not let me access any of my retrieved files. It says I lack the proper permission.  HOw can that be? Win 7 was reinstalled on the new HD with the same Users. Please help.

Do a search on changing Sharing permissions and Taking Ownership and see if that helps.


If you installed win7, then the “id” of the installer is different than the id of the installer of the restored files.  I’ve even reinstalled win7 with all the apps, partitions, data, drives remaing the same & still had to go thru to change the permissions.  At least I think that the id is the installer’s as the id shows differently as I changed the permission of each drive & partition; it’s a string of alphanumeric characters.  This is with a “fresh” re-install.

“Security” will require more & more effort to do simple things.