Permanently unlocking WD passport for Mac?

Hi there, I have previously used my passport for Mac to intermittently back up and have kept it locked/password. However now I want to just keep it connected as a readily available extension. How do I deactivate the password? I have WD Unlocker installed and can’t seem to find any settings etc letting me do this. I called WD technical support and the guy was totally stumped and couldn’t give me any help whatsoever. Seems to me a fairly basic/common issue… any tips? Thanks so much in advance.

Hi macdoofus,

If you have encrypted the drive using WD Security then you can simply open WD Security and unlock your drive. The option to remove security will become available after this.

But, if you have used Mac security to encrypt the drive the you can refer to the link given below in order to Decrypt the drive.

Ok thanks-- I’ll give that a shot