Permanent restart of my WD60EZAZ

him i have the problem that my HSS drive WD60EZAZ permanently switches off and restarts again.dashboard has no access (no device detected). as long as there is a copy in process the disk runs normal…it can read and write, but after that ,it restarts within about a minute again an d again chkdsk g: /f/r reports after 15 hrs running “no roblem”, HDtune reports all sectors corrupted while partition wizzard reports no defect sectors. the disk is new, crystal diskinfo shows only 475 operating hoursand the report shows no damage, only green dots. how can i manage that the hdd is running without interruptions again. as it is thhe disk is notready ffor use, i was lucky enough to save my files onto a new disk becaus copying prevents the disk from restart. warranty is no option because i fool forgot to register…
thank you for help

Hi @buggel1,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

thanks für your answer: i opened a support case, the ttechnical ssupprt told me it was only für firms, not for private users

i do not know what to do: one test shows all sectors corrupt, another reports only green boxes, everything without mistake.
i supppose it is a hardware item, chkdsk [g]: /f/r showed no mistake after 15 hrs of checking.
my last hope is maybe a new firmware, but i couldn´t find any. maybe you can help: it is a WD 60eEZAZ, only very new after a year in a drawer, well stored dry aand warm in a box with thick foam inside.
if i get no helbp ich think i have to dispose it…
but i will ffollow the link in your mail as a last attempt.
thanks für your help

yes i did, see below, and the link in your notice did not work. after filling all boxes i tried to send it but i received a reply saying it could not be accepted, no reason given.