Permanent file storage and continual backup on My Book for Mac

I have a new My Book for Mac.    I would like to backup my entire MacBook hard drive for permanent file storage, then delete the large capacity items from my MacBook to free up hard drive space.  I would then like to use the My Book for continual backups.  Do I need to make partitions?  What is the best way to proceed?

No need to partition unless you want it that way.

Deleting files from the backup is no good either but to each it’s own

you can backup with Time Machine or manually backup files

deleting the files from the drive will result on Time Machine trying to backup the files again on the drive

Thanks, but I don’t want to delete files off the backup.  I want to keep the movies and the music on the backup to access later, but I will need to delete them from my laptop to free up space.  Will the movie and music files remain on the backup or will they be over-written by future backups?

They will remain on the backup drive