Permanent access


How to get permanent access from my android device to ex2 with latest firmware?

By reading the EX2 manual found here ->  :)

I understand how to generate access code and connect to ex2 from android, but it says that connection will expire in 48 hours. :frowning:

Aah, okay. I don’t know the answer to your question…as I haven’t connected to it that way.

The code you generate expires in 48 hours, NOT the access.

Vertech1 wrote:

The code you generate expires in 48 hours, NOT the access.

Thnks Vertech1 - that’s what I suspected but wasn’t sure.

I retract my earlier statement.  I havent used this feature in quite awhile and when I tried to connect with my phone I couldnt.  So I will have to say that I really havent found any decent method to allow a remote user access the drive on a permanent basis.


I checked the status of the Cloud Connection in the settings and noticed that it had slipped in to “Relay Mode” again.  I turned off the cloud connection and turned it back on again and was able to get it to do  a port forwared connection through the router. (Using UPNP)  I then tried the app from my phone and it is working. 

So to summarize;

The code is what expires after 48 hours.  However, if your EX2 is in relay mode the app will not be able to connect to the drive.

FTP would have been one…IF it wasn’t broken :slight_smile:

Thats what I keep waiting for… 

Thanks, My fault. :frowning: