Permalink option on every post

I love the Permalink option that I see only in New Ideas sub-forums and wish was available in all sub-forums. Sometimes it is really helpful to refer someone to a different post in a different thread but there is no simple way to do that. I have figured out a roundabout way - by bookmarking the post andthen going into my profile’s bookmarks and copying the URL…and then deleting that bookmark. But it would be so much more helpful if we could get a Permalink button on every post. It shouldn’t be that hard to implement since it’s already dne in the New Ideas…I’m guessing just a matter of turning the option on for all the sub-forums.

Can the WD mods please do this?


Every post has a Permalink just like the ideas boards, you only need to click on the highlighted area on the picture below.


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Thanks…I didn’t realize this.