Periodic Noise from Head Movement WD Black 4TB


Thanks, Hopefully the Level III guy will shed some light on the issue.

In my case the 1st 4TB Gold was doing the 5 sec ticks but none of my Black drives are doing it.
2 2TB Black
3 3TB Black
So far the replacement 4TB Gold drive is not doing it.


May I ask which Seagate drive you bought and is it quiet. I have returned three 4TB Gold drives and am actively looking for a 4-6TB drive.


Not 4TB, but I went with a Barracuda 3TB (ST3000DM008). Much cheaper, too.

I’m not holding my breath on how long it lasts, but there’s nothing too important on it that I don’t have a copy elsewhere.


Why in the world would tech support not just say what the problem is with the thumping noise, instead of letting me run a test that takes over 8hrs for a 4tb drive?

Obviously the guy in tech is either new, or wants to avoid their customers complaints. I have the Be Quiet Dark Base Pro 900 Case with Silent wing 3 fans and Noctura DH-15 Cooler which comes with excellent and very quiet fans.

Also I have tinnitus and still hear the bloody noise thump… thump… thump as if someone was in my backyard hammering on something. Not impressed as all my drives over the years (since window inception) have been WD when purchasing new drives and none of them made this stupid sound.

Any advice on dampening the sound?

WD Red WD3001FFSX - 5 second click/tick when idle

I just purchased two 6TB Black (WD6001FZWX drives and experienced the same periodic head cluck sound about every 5 seconds. Over the years have owned a lot of Hitachi and HGST drives and not experience this behavior. Called and found it was evident that the tech support does not read this blog and had me do all kinds of test with different enclosures, computers, and cables. Find it hard to get to use to in my “quiet” creative computer room with its barely audible cooling fans in the background.


The last reply was in Jul 2017. Is there anything new?

I’ve bought a 10TB red. It makes the clicking sound when idle.

My 3 TB Red, 8 TB Red and 3 TB Green don’t do that annoying sound so nobody can tell me that it is normal.


WD Gold 4Tb with the same exact “issue” here. Can I be sure it’s actually not an issue but just a (f… annoying) feature?


According to WD its normal on newer HDD’s, my 2016 Red do not do it but the 2017 Red Pro’s did so I got rid of them, far too hot and loud period.

I replied here and my own post on topic (zero feed back here) is in the link in my post.


I get the 5 sec clicks too, the cause was the smart tool hddhealth. i install it to see how much temperature the harddrive get. and then i notice later this clicks with my wd
-red. I try boot my win on a small win 10 64 usb install and here was no click hear. so i disable in services the start of hddhealth for a test and i notice no clicks, maybe there are other smart check tools for drive health that cause clicks on some WD drives. I have many WD drive but only the WD red do click. the click is hear so constant because i use a system ssd. the WD is only for images videos and downloads. mostly it do no access


4tb black - I am so sick and tired of the “chunking” noise every 5 seconds or so. Its annoying as heck. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Banging…Head movement noise…chunking noise.



I just created an account here to comment on this.

I just got a WD Black 4TB and I get this constant dull click.

I have used WD for many years due to issues with Seagates. This is the first WD drive I have not liked at all. Performance with this drive is obviously primary and a more constant noise or noise of just accessing would be OK to live with for performance advantage but this constant dull clicking is unbearable. I haven’t even formatted the drive and may not be doing so. I may be returning it.


I just tried decoupling the drive from the case by resting it temporarily on some rubber feet. This kills the noise. If you touch the drive you can feel it jerking every five seconds.

The bottom line is that you can’t screw this drive to a case without some vibration reduction chassis. I’m going to get something to dampen it.


Wow. This thread is still going…

Well, I’m coming up on 2 years with these drives (8 of them in two 4-drive RAIDS) and they all still work great (I’m sure I just jinxed it). They still make the noise, but since my computers are in a dedicated ventilated closet, the noise doesn’t really affect me.
Your idea about using vibration-dampening mounting hardware is smart. I would think if you can eliminate that noise transferring to your case, it would be barely audible.

I was never able to get hold of the Level 3 tech support guy again, btw.


The noise is obviously almost completely a vibration problem. If you damp the connection from drive to case, the noise vanishes.

I don’t want to try any other drives because WD drives have always been reliable.


I know. I’ve had so many Seagate drives fail in RAIDs, I just started keeping similar sized-WD drives on hand because I knew it was just a matter of time before I’d have to replace the Seagates. And one by one, the Seagates always failed. I think I’ve only had one WD go down in the last 10 years. And if this PWL thing extends their life, then it’s worth it in my situation.


Add me to the list. I’ve been experiencing this noise, as well, with a 4TB WD Black Performance HDD ( WD4004FZWX , firmware: 81.H0A81 ) While idle, every ~5 seconds, there is a “chunk” or “click” noise. The drive passes WD Diagnostic Tool test, as well as tests from other tools. I’m not experiencing any performance issues with it.

It was making a similar noise every 1 or 2 seconds at one point, but I found that that was coming from HWinfo’s monitoring of the drive. After disabling monitoring on just that drive, The 1-2 second noises stopped. However, the regular ~5 second noise remains.

This drive shouldn’t be in constant use, as my operating system (Windows 10 Pro, latest version) drive is on a SSD. This HDD is the only internal HDD I have installed. I have my pagefile set to the HDD, but it’s hardly ever in use, and after restarting, 0% of the pagefile is reported to be in use. I have also tried removing the pagefile from the HDD, just to see if that would change anything, but the “chunking” noise continues, regardless of pagefile existence or usage.

I’ve noticed that while I’m in BIOS, the noise doesn’t occur quite as often, but there’s still some kind of either head parking or PWL sound, maybe every 10-15 seconds–but I could be mistaken.

I didn’t really want to replace this drive, as Western Digital drives have been very reliable for me for many years now, especially the WD Black series of drives. Also, I’ve had it for several months now, so exchanging it is an issue.

edit: just wanted to add that my case is a Corsair Carbide Air 740. It’s separated into two compartments to maximize airflow: one for the motherboard, etc. on the left side, and one for the drives and PSU, and cabling, on the right side.The HDD bay in this case, on the right side, has the drives mounted vertically. I don’t think that matters, though. Also, I have my case sitting on top of my desk, and it’s to the left of me (no other choice–that’s just how my desk is made). Also, I’ve added various anti-vibration things to the HDD area, including using vibration damping screws and silicone mats, and the sides of the drive caddy, or whatever you want to call it, also have a vibration damping rubber interior. I’ve tried about everything I can to dampen the vibrations, although some still travel throughout my case… I would try suspending the drive, as some others have suggested, but there’s nowhere for me to attach anything like that in my drive bay, since it’s open on one side, presumably for airflow.


Hey, add me to the list too.
I also have a new WD Black 4TB and the clicking sound was driving me crazy.

The only solution I found (as I think someone pointed out here) is to change the power management as explained here:
Instead of “Never” turn off hard disk I set it to a couple minutes.
This helps me not to hear that awful sound except when I use the hard drive.
Is not a complete solution but I can live with it considering I also have an SSD on the computer.

I just have a question: is this constant “turning on and off” may eventually damage the hard drive?

Is probably a stupid question but I wanna make sure I don’t break a new, expensive -and in my case no warranty- product.

Thanks and sorry for my poor english.


For the record, this “solution” doesn’t work properly either.

I put 1 minute limit to the hard drive being on but it turns off several minutes later than that.
Even if I’m not using it.
And it turns on again when it wants, randomly. Weird.

I hate this.

Seems stupid that if I’d bought the Blue WD, cheaper and slower, would be quieter.


Another one here - can’t stand the thumping from my WD Black 4TB. I chose the quietest everything else for my new pc build but this happened. Have you found anything that could effectively dampen its noise yet?

Also, found these two:


The first one made it sound like it’s normal, while the second just sends you straight to the RMA page.

Anyone else got any update regarding this? Doesn’t look like it’s going to be any different if I RMA mine from what I’ve gathered above.


Heads move each 5sec even during read/write sequential operations so it’s just all the time.
I have tested and detected this issue and still not use this disk for the moment. I wait a fix like WDIDLE (software) or a firmware update for remove this issue or just a parameter to modify for disable that.