Perhaps it's time for WD to allow us to return our WD TV Live

The firmware releases have done nothing to fix either my stability issues or the constant de-authorization of Netflix.  The RSS feed reader is an extremely poor substitute for Mediafly (I know it’s not WD’s fault that Mediafly closed  up…but there HAS to be a better alternative).  I have constant lock-ups and random reboots. 

I’ve owned 3 iterations of WD TV players, and can honestly say this newest one is extremely disappointing.  For all intents and purposes, I’ve got a 4 month old hockey puck.

Maybe WD should let us send them back and give us our money back.

The RSS feed reader was a feature introduced into later Firmware  before even “Mediafly” announced a discontinuation of Service.

2 Entirely Separate Features, Dunno how you linked the two.   Vivid Imagination ?

This forum is going to be really quiet after WD releases the new firmware on Wednesday that fixes all the issues.

:laughing:  I already took the day off work so I can sit down and watch some videos without having to wait for the player to re-boot every few minutes.  :laughing:

Wednesday? Where’d you hear that?

Looks like the Wednesday prediction was wrong.  I reckon the new fw will be out as soon as WC fix the netflix problem.

revel wrote:

Looks like the Wednesday prediction was wrong…

Yeah, I guessed Wednesday cause they said mid-April and every other firmware release was on a Tues-Thursday with most on Wed.

I see my error now though… they didn’t specify the year!!!  :smileyvery-happy:

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It will probably be released on Wednesday, but of the coming week. They’ll miss the mid-April mark. Can’t be considered a surprise.