Performing initial setup,, system hangs during initial restart

The system booted into the Windows 2012 R2 Essentials setup.  I completed the initial entries, the system did some Windows setup (a few minutes) and then restarted.  When the system started coming up, the American Megatrends BIOS spalsh screen is displayed with the number 92 displaying at the bottom right corner of screen.  Boot hangs there and unable to enter BIOS config.  BIOS responding to changed in Caps Lock, but cannot enter BIOS or get startup to continue beyond BIOS splash screen.

Power cycling system produces the same results.

Any recommendations?


Mine has hung a few times but I never noticed the 92.  Try it and see. 

Unplug the power.  5 screws on the back.  Remove the cover. Carefully remove the battery.  A lil plastic tool of some sort is helpful to push the battery out of the holder.  Wait a minute, put the battery back and power on.

I have the same issue, but it still hangs up even after taking out the battery.
Any other suggestions?

Sorry that’s allways done it for me.  Has not happened lately nor often.

You might reseat all the drives with the power off.

Call WD I suppose

Thanks.  I tried that and got the same response.  I have a support case started at WD.

In the meantime could I try the recovery button without the drives connected?  Would that just reset the bios?  I didn’t want to lose the OS if there was another option.

To be honest, I do not know what that button does.  On the headless versions all it does is tell it to boot from a thumb drive. 

The manual says the same thing on page 12