Hello all,

I recently purchased a WD TV Live hub so I am a still a newbie. I have got some questions about its performance.

  1. When I connect an external 1TB hard drive through USB it takes about 3 minutes or so before I can access it. Is this normal and can I do something about it? Seems like an awful long time to have to wait.

  2. Manually forwarding form one to the next picture it takes about 2 seconds to load (for pictures that are about 500kB).  Is that normal? That also seems to be a bit slow if I just want to browse through your collection.

  3. Copying media over my wireless network takes ages let alone playing media (even small images). It is certainly not only the network speed that is the bottleneck. Copying between two PC’s on the network is at least twice as fast as between a PC and the hub. My 54Mbps wireless router is probably a bit outdated, but is it feasible to stream video over wireless if I upgrade to a faster router?

Thanks in advance for any input.

The Live Hub is no speedster, but that 54mb router has to go if you plan on streaming movies from a PC wirelessly. You ned a Wireless N router if that’s your plan. And upgrading to gigabit ethernet is a good idea.

Wow, that was a fast response.

Yeah, I figured out that my router is definitely not fast enough for streaming movies. But will upgrading definitely allow me to stream HD-quality movies (I use HDV so they take around 13Gb for one hour). This would be the only reason for me to upgrade.

What about the other two questions. Dos these numbers match with what you are experiencing?

I’m on a wired connection and I stream my Blu-Ray converted movies without issue. Copying files from PC to Hub is slow, but using the network sync feature makes it happen faster and in the background when you’re not using the device.