Performance problem with SN_BLACK 850 2To

Plugger on Aorus B550 Pro v2 and PCIe Gen 4 slot (confirmed on the WD software).
I use it for game storage so no OS installed on.

I don’t know if it’s ok or not for this product but I think my SN850 2To have some performances problems…

BIOS version is F15C.
Tried CrystalDiskMark and here is the result:
I feel like the SEQ1M-Q1T1 and RND4K-Q1T1 read speeds are low (maybe some low perf’ on Write, idk)
If anyone can help/confirm my thought, greatly appreciated !

Anyone for help please ? :frowning:

Hello, I made a post that could help you.
TLDR: Some Antivirus can interfere with the benches. You could try benching with the Antivirus disabled but it is putting you at risk.

Hi, thanks for the tips, I’ll check if Windows Defender interfere with it or not !

Nope, Windows Defender off, pretty much the same results: