Performance of wdEX4 has degraded


I have the wdex4 for 1 couple of months and I was very happy with it but since a couple of weeks the performance if the WDEX is hopeless. I always try to find out if I can do something myself. So the first thing I did was read about known issues. I could not find much. I switch on SSH and logged in to the system to see what was going on. Even loggin in was almost impossible. I read the bulletin board again and saw that wdmerger and twonky could cause the problem. So with the scripts available I stopped twonky en de wdphotomerger. My performance inproved but still it was not good.

When I copied i file to the WDEX4 I reached a staggering 200Kb/sec.

After searching again on the internet I did not find a solution but I saw that 32 httpd processes were running , so i decided to stop apache and see what happened. I tried to copy a file again and a reached the maximum of my bandwith appr. 10 Mb/sec. Good performance.

But of course I did not buy this system to only use it with apache switched of and thus all the features that come with this not available.

Has anybody any clue what is wrong with my WDEX4 ?



PS I have configured a RAID 5 with 3 disks and 1 disk as JBOD, network is (as can be calculated) 100Mb

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See if the following link helps with tips to improve the performace.

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I am sorry but I dont see any link.

But thanks for your response, I am quite desperate.


Sorry about that mate.

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Thanks again for your quick response  but as I said I checked the forum and I read this message already.

 It does not give me any clue. I stop appache and I have a trhoughput of almost 10Mb/sec. I start apache again and my performance is down to 200kb/sec. When I look with ‘top’ I see that the system uses 100% CPU and  almost all of it goes to the 24 Httpd processes. An even after a couple of days this is the same. I stopped already the photomerger but still my CPU is only busy with http.

Any further help ?

At this point, will be better if you reach out to WD Support either by email or by phone. They might be able to help you.

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