Performance of 070A and 0740


I am trying out something new. I do software development and this is done on a win2003 server. (To be shortly upgraded). And I just retired my old xp laptop. So I put my laptop onto a VM still running xp when I got my new laptop. I also have a tower PC at the office. I also travel a lot. 

So what I decided to do was to create a VM for my win2003 dev machine and a vm for my XP desktop and carry the Vms around on the passport. This has worked pretty well. What I did see was that when my VM for my desktop got over 100GB the performance of the VM degraded pretty badly. By the time it was 120GB it was unusable. Lesson learned.

But my question here is this. I went out and got a new 0740 the other day. The USB3 version. I figured that since it is a later model and USB3 it will be faster than the 070A I have had for a few months. But the 0740 seems distinctly slower when running these vms. I am at a loss to know why.

I am kind of interested to know if there is any reason why the 0740 is slower. I think that creating VMs of machines and being able to carry them around in your pocket like this is a good idea that might catch on. Sure beats lugging my laptop to and from the office each day which I have done for about 15 years now.

Thanks in advance for anyone who might be able to help me out on this one.

Dude, I think you’ll have better luck with WD directly for a comparison…