Performance Feedback

Hi I read hear some Problem with Speed. So I want to Five a Feedback: MKV: Avatar from Blueray Movie. 13GB Filesize, but I Dont know the Bitrate. Server : Windows Fountation 2008 x64 Intel Atom 1.8 GHz 4 GB RAM 2TB in Raid1 Old Netgear Switch with 100 Mbit. Streaming Avatar: 60-30 Percent Lan Activity 1-3 Percent CPU Usage Fw 1.06 No Problems with streaming or Audio. I think it is better to Stay in 100 Mbit, because the Switch Must not repack when different Frame sizes. Greetings BTW: the Arctic Theme is Great!

Good to know that you have a good performance.  You are telling that is better to use a 100 Mbit switch than Gigabit?

It depense of the switch.

Some are very slow to repack from 100 to 1000 and back when different frame size is used.

Jumboframes in 1 Gbit/s Lans could be slow down in 100 Mbit Lans

Jumbo frames are not valid in a 100 meg network.  


Yes, this is what I mean:

If there is a mix of 100Mbit and 1 Gbit and the Gbit use Jumbo Frames and the Server is connected with Gbit and the WD Live has “only” 100Mbit then the Switch has to repack always the packets between 100Mbit and 1Gbit.

This could bring Performance downgrade.