Pending sector on HDtune gone after full format? why is that?

My passport 750GB  purchsed 1yrago

All others are ok but this

(C5) Current Pending Sector         200      200      0        1        warning

Is anthere anything i could do? to get rid of this?- I am currently overseas- should I post this to WD?

When i used data lifeguard (short test)…this error is not shown count is zero.All Green ticks  How can this be?

Also there is a line ‘warrenty’ 1 or 0 what does that mean?

Use DLG extended test, it will try to repair the error. 

Also you duplicate your post try to remove one of them.

You think the error would dissapear?- hope so. Will WD replace it?

SOrry about the duplicate but u cant seem to find anywhere to delete it.

I did the long test and it found bad sectors and was trying to repair it and then says error was found contact WD… What does this mean?

If the utility can’t repair the bad sectors, then the drive is most likely failing.  You’re looking at replacing the drive.  If you can still access the drive, get the data you need off before the drive fails.  Otherwise, you can RMA the drive if it’s still under warranty.

Thanks guys for  replies. I did a long format on windows and the pending bad sector has dissapeared. Now I will do  long test on WD utility…any idea why the pending bad ssectors dissappear? now all seem ok…

Usually, what a utility will do is, not fix the sector, but mark it so that it can’t be used.  That’s most likely why it disappeared.  If you don’t get any more bad sectors, then it’s probable that the drive is okay now.  However, I would run the tests every so often (maybe monthly), until you feel comfortable that you’re not going to get more bad sectors.