PC's internet connection always get disconnected when reboot if mybooklive is connected

hi, i need help. Mybook live is connected to my home network thru a router, and can be accessed from both internet and home network, no problem. However, every time when my home PC is started connecting to the same router,  the internet connection always get disconnected. When I used network troubleshooting, it always tell me "The device or resource (localhost) is not set up to accept connections on port “9000"”.

The above problem disappears when i have the mybook live removed/ disconnected from my router. So I can only conclude it is my book live connection that caused this internet down when my PC is started. What caused it ?

I changed mybook live network settings to both static and dhcp, still same problem.

Can someone help me ?


Check this thread:


particularly the part about LAN Proxy being set.


Under lan settings, I tried uncheck automatic configuration script,  http://localhost:9000/application.pac, and clicked/ checked automatic detection settings, but changes are not effected despite clicking Ok twice.

It just does not allow me to change the lan settings, the autonatic configuration script is always checked. very strange.