I have a drive that has failed and under warranty - WD10EARS.

There was no obvious noise attributed to this failure, click, whirl, spin up or spindle, the drive just wouldn’t work one day and seems dead and I have the feeling it’s maybe a PCB failure.

Trouble is the data on the drive wasn’t backed up (not my fault :slight_smile: ) - will WD just replace the drive or can we try a “new” (I know its no as simple as that) PCB (component)?..re no backups.

You can get pcb from a site called donor drives http://www.donordrives.com/   but you need to change one of the chips from the old drive pcb to the new one. Of course doing that cancels the warranty on the drive. So get a replacement drive from WD or try the pcb and see if it works. That site also offers free replacement’s of the chips  have a look .