PCB for WD15EADS-00S2B0

Looking for a replacement Pcb for this model of drive. It is my backup drive and when i was doing recovery from it,  it started to drop out and long delays began between data transferring, stopping and starting again. the drive still works, but never long enough for data to be copied from it. there are no blown diods and the power supply is fine, have tried in several other machines to be sure. Does anyone have a PCB for this model of drive i could beg, borrow or buy?

Or even other suggestions to get the data from the drive without spending mega bucks to send it off to a drive recovery?

WD Does NOT sell this PCB! , So you will need to look for that board on your Own, Besides that try to make sure that the one that u get have the same specs.

Data recovery would be a Good option…

Is the data xfer problem as soon as you use it or does it slowly kick in. I would try a fan directly over the PCB for one test. But if your suspect about it dropping out for good and you desperatly don’t want to lose any data on it then a recovery center is most likely you last option. PCB swaps don’t always work out good either.