Pcb for wd 2tb cloud

Hi, Requesting the part number to order the PCB of my network drive.
If possible send a link to purchase from Amazon or eBay

Gen1 or Gen2?

Not only only first gen or second gen for the single bay My Cloud. But are you looking for a PCB for a different My Cloud device, like one of the multi bay units, or just one for the single bay My Cloud model? Note that if you are really looking for a My Cloud Home PCB, those are completely different devices.

Thanks for your response.

See the data of my drive and the attached image

Thanks for your response.

See the data of my drive and the attached image

This is indeed a problem … I’m also not sure the problem is with the pcb.
I was unable to connect to the drive in any way despite all the resets I made soft and hard reset and nothing caused the drive control light to change from yellow.

Do you have any idea?

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What other troubleshooting steps have you tried? Has anything changed on the local network? New router, new broadband provider, new network hardware? Have you tries replacing the network cable to the My Cloud? Have you tried connecting the My Cloud to a different network port on the router? Is the My Cloud directly connected to the local network router? Is the router listing an IP address for the My Cloud in the router’s administration page?

According to the My Cloud User Manual (page 95) for the first gen.


The My Cloud Device’s front panel light is yellow and the unit’s Network
Adapter LEDs do not light.

  1. Confirm the network cable is properly connected to the My Cloud device and the
    network switch or router.
  2. Make sure the network switch or router has power.
  3. Use a different network cable and port on the network switch or router. Temporarily
    swapping the My Cloud device’s cable port with a working network device may identify
    any failing cables and ports.

In certain cases one may want to see if using a network switch between the My Cloud and the network router solves the front yellow LED issue.

As a last resort one can shuck (remove) the My Cloud hard drive from it’s enclosure, connect it to a computer (using a USB to SATA adapter/docking station or spare SATA port) and see if there are SMART diagnostic issues with the drive. While connected to a computer one can use Linux or a third party Linux driver to access their user data (stored on partition #4 on the first gen).

If the drive is bad one can replace it with a new drive and follow one of the various unbricking methods to reinstall the My Cloud OS to the hard drive and get it up and running again once back in the My Cloud enclosure.