PC wont recognise my WD Passport Essential(USB 3.0)


I have read some pervious posts but none seem to help me.

My WD passport essntial USB 3.0 isnt recongised by my PC.
It does show up as one of my devices on the control panel but not in the disk management.

The HD powers up(you can hear it turning and the indication light) and I get a message to say that the harddrive needs to be formatted.

I wish not to format this drive as it has some work documents on it which I need to try and save.

Is there a way I can fix this with out going to a profession to recover the drive?


HP Pavilion Elite | W7 64bit OS

You can attempt to get the data with a recovery software

try Recuva or TestDisk

After that reformat is the only option

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…what he said!