PC Windows 7 not seeing WDTV Media Player

Hi all
I have searched Google and YouTube etc without any success, I have my PC on Windows 7 and my WDTV Media both connected to the network but my PC isn’t seeing my WD device so can’t see the files etc, not sure if I am doing anything wrong?

Both are on the same network group etc :frowning:

Only thing I can think of is we currently don’t have the Internet installed at home (due to just moving here) everything is connected as a LAN system ATM but wouldn’t have thought it would make a difference

Hi, how are you creating the LAN? Most likely your computer is connected to your LAN as a “Public” connection due to not having a DCHP and DNS providing address and resolution.

Go to the WD TV and in the network setting you should be able to see the IP address, with that IP address go to the computer and bring up a “run” window by pressing the Windows key and pressing R in your keyboard toguether, and the typing \\theipaddressofyourmediaplayer and hit enter, and you should be able to access all the information there.

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