PC will not boot with WD20EARS Green for storage only

PC specs:

OS: Windows 7 64 bit OEM (not pirated)

Processor: i7 860 2.8 GHz Processor

Motherboard: EVGA P55 SLI 132-LF-E655-KR BIOS version A74 (latest and greatest)

Video Card: EVGA GTX 660 Ti SC+ 3GB 03G-P4-3663-KR

RAM: OCZ OCZ3SG1600LV4GK (4x2Gigs = 8 Gigs)

SSD: OCZ vertex 2 OCZSSD3-2VTX120G (SATA port 0. OS and other programs installed, office, adobe etc)

HDD: Western Digital 500 Gig Caviar Black 32 MB Cache WD5001AALS (SATA port 1. Games installed and music storage)

DVD-RW: Toshiba/Samsung SH-s223 (sata port 4)

DVD-ROM: Hitachi/LG DH10N (sata port5)

PSU: Thermaltake TR-2 RX-850

Driver: Standard Windows driver version 6.1.7600.16385

SATA Controller software: Intel version (latest and greatest)

Drive in question: Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARS (SATA port 2. 2TB 64MB Cache)

I am trying to make this drive usable as storage on the PC listed above.

If there are any files on the drive, the PC listed above will not boot.

I can hot swap into the pc above fine (PC is up and running with windows loaded and then plugging in the drive).

It does not matter which SATA port I use.

It does not matter which SATA cable I use.

My P4 Windows XP Pro machine (a completely different computer than the one listed above) boots just fine with the drive installed.

I don’t remember this happening prior to last reinstall of windows.

I don’t want to reinstall at the moment. I want to buy a bigger SSD before doing so (dont want to waste the time 2 times in 1 year).

I don’t want to make hot swapping a “normal” thing on a drive, it can’t be good for it.

Using Western Digital Digital LifeGuard Diagnostics:

Write to zeros (pass)

Extended Test (pass)

I write the drive to zeros and complete the extended test. PC listed above will boot.

Using Windows 7 64 bit, I use the Disk Management program to allocate the drive and then format it. PC listed above will boot.

Once I move music, movies, pictures etc onto the drive, the PC listed above will NOT boot.

The PC makes it to the Windows graphic and is doing its pulsating thing and does not continue on. It just hangs there and pulsates.

I will report back with the Windows Event Viewer as soon as I figure out what I’m looking at…

Does anybody have any insight?
Thank you!

Hi, have you tried using another SATA cable or another SATA port on the PC? You can also try connecting it to another PC to see if the same problem happens.  

Different SATA port and different cable does not help.

My XP Pro PC boots fine. I do not have another 7 64 bit PC to try.

I will try reformatting with Gparted when I get home in 8-9 hours.


I dont remember having this problem before my last windows install (over 1 year ago). Do I need to do another install? I’m trying to put that off until I get a bigger SSD.

what do mean by hot swapping ?

did you turn off the computer and then swap the drives around ?

Do you know how to get into your bios and is all controller ports enabled ?

I like to disable ports i don’t use in my bios as well as various other on board stuff i don’t use…

So it may be worth checking soemthing isn’t turned off (the sata port your trying to use)

Verify your not using eSata ports too… I’m pretty sure they are for external sata drives only.

Based on what you said i’m wondering if your bootloader on Win 7 is getting weird on you

once it sees the added OS (Win XP Pro)

If your running anything like a custom bootloader that could be the problem OR

anything that interferes with a bootloader such as the infamous Windows Loader by DAZ.

a large fraction of the world uses that and it can make wour windows error out on loading easily lol

lastly have you looked in your windows 7 event viewer for any messages related to problems etc ?

Not sure what your hoping to get done though… Are you trying to dual boot permanently

or are you using XP on the other drive just for testing purposes ? Because if you only want Win 7 ?

Maybe get rid of xp and make sure that drive is clean and freshly formatted maybe ?

About the Windows loader thing, i brought that up because it can be over looked easily as a possible

cause of problems and personally i couldn’t care less who does or does not pirate things.

I’m not saying that as an advertisment for the thing rather if someone is using it they may want to consider uninstalling the thing and going and buying windows lol

If you have that loader installed and cloned your windows 7 onto a new drive

it can wreck the new install / cloning process and leave you with a new windows install that is broken

and difficult to repair and this can be really bad if you unaware of this potential issue.

Bottom line is anything bootloader related i would remove / disable until you do what you want then redo your stuff afterwards.

not sure what to to tell you but i hope i gave you some ideas or something and good luck

Hot swap: PC is up and running. Plug in HDD. PC recognizes HDD and is usable.

All ports are enabled (I never disabled them).

Not dual booting at all. I have 2 PC’s. 1 with 7 64bit and 1 with XP pro. Both versions of windows are NOT pirated.

This drive is storage only. When there is anything on it, windows 7 pc will not boot (music, video’s, etc).

Have not checked windows event viewer. Idk what i can find if I’m not even booting into windows before it hangs but who knows.

WD software write to zero’s and error checks good. After putting any size or type of media (pics, music, video’s, etc), the windows 7 pc will not boot past the windows splash screen.

I’m trying to wait to buy a new larger SSD before I reinstall, so if I can fix it now, I can put off spending $ longer.

Thank you for trying to help.

Proof of purchasing windows 7:

I brought up the pirated windows thing for ANYONE that reads my comment.

I was NOT trying to accuse you of anything :wink:

I’m surprised you would be hot swapping your drive like that.

I would really check that event viewer though… for example look for “disk” category messages.

On my pc since i have an nvidia sata controller with nvidia drivers installed

i would search for “nvstor64” messages too (created by 3rd party driver only)

If your saying its hanging on you i would surprised there wasn’t a message about it somewhere in there…

Still trying to wrap my head around what your doing lol

2 pc’s running a drive of their own and then a 3rd drive for storage only that has no OS on it ?

Not sure what to suggest but bear in mind that windows xp or 7 will want to detect new hardware and install drivers and tell you to reboot to complete the new changes (if its plugged in before you power up)

Standard process for internal hdd’s.

But if your goal is to hot swap the drives maybe you can see if you have eSata setting in your bios

and maybe try turning that on for your storage drive ? Like i said i havn’t used eSata before but I’m pretty sure its supose to be for external hard drives. But a quick google search on that shows people having detection issues with that too so i dunno.

Anyway what drivers are installed for your Sata ports ? are they just the default windows ones ?

Or are they from a 3rd party company etc ? Maybe you can try one or the other if you havn’t already ?

Maybe someone experienced at doing what you want can speak up and try and help you.

I have never used a Sata drive for hot swapping like that… I’ve hot swapped bad bios chips before

so i kinda figured that is what you were talking about at first but had doubts cause most people don’t do that with their internal sata drives.

Updated OP a few weeks ago to try to make more clear. I’m also having trouble with my 1TB Green drive doing the same thing. I think it’s a windows problem, but i’m not sure.

I will try to check the event viewer tonight. I’ve been busy with the holidays, also been trying to backup the stuff on my drives for a clean write to zeros and a reinstall of windows 7.

“I’m surprised you would be hot swapping your drive like that.”

It’s works really well, but it cant be good for the drive. It’s been around for over 5 years now.

“Anyway what drivers are installed for your Sata ports ?”

Intel SATA controller (latest rev)

My goal is to make the drive work for storage on my windows 7 PC. I brought up the XP PC because that machine has no trouble with the drive. I thought that it working in another PC would help trouble shoot the issue.

It looks like a reinstall of windows is what i’m down to for fixing the problem.

Thanks again for your time.

Been putting off spending $ on another SSD and reformating but here’s an update…

Wrote to zeros with WD software

Error check with WD software

Used my XP Pro machine to format as a “Dynamic” drive instead of a “Basic” drive.

Put drive back into 7 machine

Moved music, docs and vids onto it

has been booting fine for a few weeks now.

Glad I dont have to reformat right now.