PC to Mac - NOT LION - cannot use time machine on WD drive


I finally got smart and got a mac (SNOW LEOPARD).  I previously had the MBWE backing up my PC using Second Copy. Now I would like to use time machine to back up the laptop.  However, when I try to set up time machine it sees a drive that I never saw on the PC  -  MYBookWorld-Backup.  I can’t log into it with my normal admin password.  I went into the software and found that a new user had been created, WD time machine_User or something like that.  Have no idea what the password for that account is.  anyone with any bright ideas on how to get this to work??



Hi htownhman,

The ***-Backup is the drive that Mac OS X will mount and use to create the Time Machine Backups. View the  User Manual and note the instructions on the Time Machine section. Should clear any queries up :wink:


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Thanks very much!  I must have a very old and outdated version of the user’s manual, as there was not even a section on time machine in my version!!!