PC to Hub as slowed down on win 7 in the last week or so

Hi Now the WD live has never been fast on my wired network but in the last two weeks or so it has become unusable.

1.3 Gb file taking 8+ hours. and will ‘fail’ in the end.

Using window 7 to navigate is now so slow and  I’m getting not ‘responding messages’.

For the life of me I cant thing what it can be?

I have a Dreambox with a 1tb HD on the same network hub and it transfers 1.3Gb in 35 mins and is fine. I have rebooted - WD Hub - Pc - Rooters - mapped - unmapped - changed network cable.

Any suggestions or help much appreciated.

Not updated firmware!

I bought mine a few days ago and upgraded to latest firmware. Ive found the max transfer rate I can get PC—>Hub over my Gigabit network is 420kbps. Im finding it quicker (still painfully slow) to plug my ext HDD directly into the Hub and use the Hubs file transfer system.

Needless to say, transferring my library onto the Hub’s drive is taking foooorrreeevvvveeeerrrr :S

At the moment im getting 170kbps!!!