PC suddenly stopped recognizing My Book Essential


I actually have two WD external Hard Drives. The older one is the one I use daily to save work, the back up is a My Book Essential of 1 TB. Oddly enough, it was my newer Essential the one that gave me problems.

Everynow and then I would transfer data from my older WD external HD to My Book Essential. Today, I was going to do the same. But suddenly my computer did not even recognize My Book Essential upon USB connection.

I have a Windows XP OS (apparently 32 bits). So I wondered what happened to do this sudden change.

I assumed that after one of those Windows updates, it may have changed something out of my drives. So I came here to WD site, and downloaded the WD SES Driver to be installed in C:. And so I did, and nothing happened.

Please, anyone that has encountered a similar problem, I would like any advice.

First, make sure to test the drive on a different computer, cable or port.

Check if the drive appears on Disk Management and see what is the status.

Try the suggestions provided on the link bellow:

WD external drive is not assigned a drive letter by Windows or Mac OSX and data on the drive is inaccessible