PC Restarts when I plugin WD Passport Ultra 1TB

PC automatically Restarts when I plug in My WD external drive on running Computer.
I have two WD internal drive of 1TB each.

PC starts if Passport is already connected but It restarted again after some minutes.

Do you get a flash of a blue screen like a Windows crash, or does the computer simply restart?

Try connecting the drive via a USB hub which has its own power adapter. Maybe the drive is drawing too much power from the USB port.

Thanks for Reply…

No… Only Normal Restart…
I am unaware of USB Hub… but I tried all ports of PC.

For Now It is working from some hours… but Copying speed is very less Im copying 50+gb Movies folder and It is showing 1–3 mbps and sometimes in KB speed


It restarts again when I click on Reply.