PC or Mac access to shares via WD2GO

Not sure if it is a Webdav issue or the way its been implement by WD. When I try to download or upload a file from or to the WD Live Disk from my PC or Mac thru the internet it takes forever to update the status of the transfer almost to the to point that you start thinking that it is hanged… yet when you least expect it starts going extremely fast. I have tried downloading and it happens at the beginning and when uploading it happens at the end. I hope this gets corrected as it gives the wrong impression to my users.

Yup happens to me as well

We are at the mercy of the OS to report back file transfers. Not much we can do about that. Microsoft is especially not good at reporting a transfer status over webdav. LIke you mentioned, it can sit at 99% for quite a while, but actually be working. We can’t change this behaviour unfortunately.

What I do is pop open the built-in Task Manager and/or the Resource Monitor.

In Windows 7 there’s a number of things one can look at to verify the transfer is taking place:

While in the Task Manager, In the NETWORKING tab, look to see if the Network Utilization is tracking.  (Of course, this isn’t useful if one is doing a lot of other things on the network at the same time.)

Using the Resource Monitor, go to the DISK tab, and sort by TOTAL (B/sec).   Presumably, the highest entry should be the file that’s being read or written; as long as there’s still data flowing consistent with internet speed, then the file is working regardless of what Windows Progress indicates.

It’ll look like this:

Note that between just those two files, my PC is transferring close to 4 megabytes (32 megabits) per second.

… and during this time, the Explorer window says “Not Responding…” before it even starts to indicate it’s copying the file.

That’s a WINDOWS flaw.