Pc not reading hd anymore

hey everyone, so i have a my passport 320gb external hd and recently it wont show up on my pc. the light turns on and shifts back and forth as it should but then it stays still and does nothing else.  the funny thing is it works fine with my mac.  Any ideas?

If it’s working fine with your Mac, then it’s more than likely one of two things:

  • It’s not getting enough power from the pc USB port to spin the drive up.  If that’s the case, then you need to get a power booster cable to gain more power from the pc.

  • Or, did you format it with a Mac format, such as HFS+?  If so, then Windows will connect the drive, but it won’t show up in Explorer.  Windows can’t read Mac formats. 

the drive does spin after a few seconds when plugged into a pc and its formated fat32

Does it show up in Disk Management?

The external harddrive is disk 3