PC no longer backups after OS5

How do I restore WD sync to backing up my pc files. I understand there is a 3rd party program-but you have to pay for it!

Why has WD Sync stopped functioning?

Everything just worked with OS3

WD Sync is not supported in My Cloud OS 5.
GoodSync for WD is Free for use but also allows an upgrade to the Premium version.

GoodSync Free and Premium for WD My Cloud

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I would have definitely not updated my OS3 to OS5 had I known that I would lose functionality of my setup. From what I have read, Goodsync, there functionality of the free version is very limited, so I would be forced to pay to restore the function of a backup NAS for my laptop.

I just cant believe how short sighted of WD to remove the basic functions.

I’m now forced into looking at other backup servers manufacturers with integrated inhouse software to perform what OS3 did fine (for me)

I have used Acronis for over 10 + years for windows - the current version may be over kill
CCC and superduper for the mac backups - for computer backups you get what you pay for which is a program that stays around longer and his updates.

Wonder if the new Windows update will have a good backup program ?

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I’m looking at another manufacturer now to back up my PC and others in future.

I will not support a company that removes basic functions with an updated OS.

WD to keep my custom, all they needed to do is make sure WDSync continued to operate with OS5

You was lucky. I could never get it to work how I wanted it to. I don’t miss it. I use FreeFileSync and perform manual backups. I’m glad I don’t use real time sync as a few times I’ve messed up an original file and if I had been using WdSync then the back-up would have been screwed.

I think it’s safer to remember to perform a manual sync unless there is a reason for an autosync.