PC & Mac file sync, mycloud is central repository - set up guidance and advice

Maybe there’s another thread on this but any guidance or direction would be appreciated.

I’ve got one PC and one Mac that needs the same files on both - I have SmartWare on the PC and Time Capsule on the Mac. How do I set them up so that the mycloud will be the central place for both computers and that each time a file changes on each computer, they’ll be automatically uploaded and the cloud keeps the latest files for each and also redownloads it back down to each computer.  I have SmartWare on the PC but when running the advanced file backup - I realized the SmartWare creates a whole bunch of folders to identify the PC and it syncs PC to mycloud.

I haven’t tinkered with Time Capsule yet so perhaps I can just point Time Capsule backup to the same SmartWare directory from the PC on the mycloud but anybody’s advice and guidance if they’ve already set up their mycloud to do the same use case as I’m describing is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

smart ware can copy from the PC to the mycloud but won’t help the other way

I have not tried this but it may be an option in Windows. when you right click a network folder or share you have the option for “Always Available Offline” which I believe will automaticaly sync. 

No idea if the Mac has somthing similier

no idea how it would be handled if the 2 computers both updated the file, I suspect the changes would be lost from the 1st one synced when the 2nd one syncs

Thanks for the comment larryg0 - I’ll see if anyone else has any ideas - yeah I’d imagine I would want to use it similar to like google drive where I can do that on multiple computers and changes are saved with the most recent file uploading to the cloud… but unfortunately haven’t found any real guidance for this use case… Will continue to tinker with it…