PC is not recognizing WD10EZEX

System info: Dell Studio XPS 435T/9000: 3.07Ghz Intel Core i7 950, 12GB memory, Motherboard is 0X501H A00. Win 7 ultimate. 500GB SSD plus two 1TB drives in Raid 1. OS and software on SSD with data storage on Raid 1 drives.

I purchased two WD10ezex 1TB drives to replace the two 1TB Samsung drives currently in use. All drives are SATA 3. My PC will not recognize the WD drives using an external esata/usb 2.0 docking hub. The hub will recognize other 1TB drives that I use for back up. Any suggestions?

Does your system recognize your WD10EZEX units when they are connected directly to your computer’s motherboard and SATA ports? If so, then it’s possible for the enclosure to be incompatible with the units.

Thanks for the reply Trancer. My son (IBM engineer) came by and fixed the problem. He went into Computer/Manage/Storage/Disk Management assigned a drive letter to the new WD HD, selected Unpartition/New Simple Volume/Create Disk/Save. This made the HD appear with the external esata docking hub.

We then removed one of the raid drives in the PC and went to “Intel Rapid Tech” and watched the progress building the second disk. Next I’ll exchange the other new WD disk to let it build from the recently new drive.