PC compatability

Bought a my passport essential and was informed by 2 staff members at PC World that I could upload my files from my mac and access them on my PC laptop. However, having gone around in circles for an hour I’m having no luck. Can this be done? If so are there any simple downloads? Stupidly I bought this the day before a 6 month trip and therefore can’t go back to PC World.

You will need to reformat the drive on your Mac to MSDOS files system (FAT 32).  Then you should be able to cross files over.  However, you will have a 4 GB files size limitation.   Also, make sure you keep the files backed up.  There is a tendency for the files to get corrupted when using them on both the Mac and PC.

Thanks a lot Bill, I’ll get that done as soon as I can. Thanks again for your help.

You’re welcome.